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Find lower case in case-insensitive SQL

To find lowercase values in a case insensitive database run the following query: SELECT * FROM Values CONVERT(varbinary(12), UPPER(Value)) != CONVERT(varbinary(12), Value) It converts the values to binary first before they are compared.

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Error 1402 Visual Studio 2008 installation

My Visual Studio installation was delete from a disk, so I tried to reinstall it. In the middle of the installation i received an Error 1402 Could not open registery key <GUI>. I tried to fix it manually but without … Continue reading

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IIS not showing images and CSS

The problem: I loaded a ASP.NET application on my Windows 7 IIS 7.5 installation. The code compiled fine but.. When I opened the website http://localhost/myapp it didnt show me any images or CSS. Only text on a blank page. The … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2008 Database edition don’t open dbproj

For some reason my VS 2008 Database edition wouldn’t open the database projets. After i started VS with this parameters: devenv /resetskippkgs It worked again!

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Uitzendinggemist on your TV with DLNA

Hey people check out the following software: It’s still in a beta, but you can use it for watching Uitzendinggemist, RTL Gemist, Net5, SBS6 and Veronica on your TV. Paul Wagener has started the project as a Pyton script … Continue reading

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Samsung firmware update cannot find update files

Last week I tried to update my brand new Samsung LE40b652 LCD TV. The proccess is quite simple, download the firmware, extract to a USB-stick and load the firmware from the USB-stick. But.. For some reason my TV didn’t find … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 7 cannot update to 8

If your Internet Explorer 8 installation (upgrade from 7) fails all the time. Run this code: <code> ‘——————–8<———————- Const HKLM = &H80000002 arrNeededSvcs = Array(“BITS”,”wuauserv”) strKeyPath = “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost” strValueName = “netsvcs” strComputer = “.”   ‘ “use “.” for local … Continue reading

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Cannot send SMS after restore sms.db on iPhone

If you have problems sending SMS after a manual restore of the SMS.db. It’s properly a security-rights problem, you iPhone cannot write its outgoing messages to the database file. Fix it this way: Open Putty and connect to your iPhone … Continue reading

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USB Devices not installed automatically anymore

USB install problem:

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Download complete website freeware

This tool is freeware and works great. It lets you save/download a complete website to your local harddisk.

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