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Error 1402 Visual Studio 2008 installation

My Visual Studio installation was delete from a disk, so I tried to reinstall it. In the middle of the installation i received an Error 1402 Could not open registery key <GUI>. I tried to fix it manually but without … Continue reading

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IIS not showing images and CSS

The problem: I loaded a ASP.NET application on my Windows 7 IIS 7.5 installation. The code compiled fine but.. When I opened the website http://localhost/myapp it didnt show me any images or CSS. Only text on a blank page. The … Continue reading

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Uitzendinggemist on your TV with DLNA

Hey people check out the following software: It’s still in a beta, but you can use it for watching Uitzendinggemist, RTL Gemist, Net5, SBS6 and Veronica on your TV. Paul Wagener has started the project as a Pyton script … Continue reading

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Download complete website freeware

This tool is freeware and works great. It lets you save/download a complete website to your local harddisk.

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AVI to DVD convert Open source!

Check out this very nice app. It was the only one, who converted my avi correctly without any errors. Also it’s optimized for dual or quad cores! Freeware, open source

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Windows and Office serials recovery

Ever tried to make a good list of all Windows and Office license keys on your network computers? This can be a h*ll of a job. Try this app to recovery every Windows and Office serials from the PC’s on … Continue reading

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Multiple mouse cursors on a Windows Desktop

Ever thought of two mouse cursors at the same time? After googling I found a SDK from Microsoft, to make multi mouse available WITHIN your own application. I was wondering if this can be done system width. The answer is YES! There’s … Continue reading

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