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IIS not showing images and CSS

The problem: I loaded a ASP.NET application on my Windows 7 IIS 7.5 installation. The code compiled fine but.. When I opened the website http://localhost/myapp it didnt show me any images or CSS. Only text on a blank page. The … Continue reading

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Uitzendinggemist on your TV with DLNA

Hey people check out the following software: It’s still in a beta, but you can use it for watching Uitzendinggemist, RTL Gemist, Net5, SBS6 and Veronica on your TV. Paul Wagener has started the project as a Pyton script … Continue reading

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PERL input and output files

To read an input file, edit your data and put it to an output file try this: #! /usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my $file = “in.csv”; my $outfile = “out.csv”; open(IN, “<$file”) or die “Could not open $file\n”; open(OUT, “>$outfile”) … Continue reading

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PERL connect to SQL server

To connect you PERL application to an SQL server is pretty easy. First you need the driver for supporting SQL connections. Install driver: Open command prompt Typ: ppm install DBD-mysql After a correct installation of the driver your SQL connection … Continue reading

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TNT zone shipping module in Joomla Virtuemart

After lots and lots of googling i couldn’t find any shipping module for Virtuemart that was suiteble for our situation. There is some kind of module for TNT but its for TGP Post and I didn’t get it working. So … Continue reading

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First steps in Perl parsing CSV from Mamut to Joomla Virtuemart

Today at the office I was asked to help migrating the webshop from Mamut to Joomla Virtuemart. I installed the new webshop, and used the plugin CSVImport to import all data about the products. As allways Mamut was a pain … Continue reading

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