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Find lower case in case-insensitive SQL

To find lowercase values in a case insensitive database run the following query: SELECT * FROM Values CONVERT(varbinary(12), UPPER(Value)) != CONVERT(varbinary(12), Value) It converts the values to binary first before they are compared.

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Virtuemart product pictures size

Forgot to create thumbnails of your product pictures? Change: define(‘PSHOP_IMG_RESIZE_ENABLE’, ”); To: define(‘PSHOP_IMG_RESIZE_ENABLE’, ’1′); In file: /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/virtuemart.cfg.php And all your pictures are resized in the view.

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TNT zone shipping module in Joomla Virtuemart

After lots and lots of googling i couldn’t find any shipping module for Virtuemart that was suiteble for our situation. There is some kind of module for TNT but its for TGP Post and I didn’t get it working. So … Continue reading

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Mamut to Joomla Virtuemart Docdata plugin

Recently I wrote an artical about in and exporting data from Mamut to Joomla Virtuemart. There’s an update. I found a plugin for docdata payments (also know as Tripledeal). It was kinda hard to find this plugin, so I will … Continue reading

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Outlook web access (OWA) gives 404 error from Exchange

OWA (Outlook web access) is mostly working very well, and when its not the Exchange server itself is down. Until a few days ago. I received an email from a college who was unable to access the webmail from home. … Continue reading

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First steps in Perl parsing CSV from Mamut to Joomla Virtuemart

Today at the office I was asked to help migrating the webshop from Mamut to Joomla Virtuemart. I installed the new webshop, and used the plugin CSVImport to import all data about the products. As allways Mamut was a pain … Continue reading

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